Mark Burns
​candidate statement

​State Board of Equalization District 2, 2018

Paid for by Burns for Board of Equalization District 2 2018 FPPC#1402329 

It is time to end the status quo of ‘More Taxes will fix our problems.’ California Taxpayers have the highest burden in the United States. As a staunch and long term supporter of Proposition 13 and Propositions 60 & 90 (property tax base transfers for Seniors); I will work to make our system fairer for all. 

For the past 32 years; I've worked in the residential real estate business in Silicon Valley and watched property taxes and sales taxes reach levels that should support California Government well into the future and include surpluses and reserves. Instead; we see constant efforts to raise taxes further and without meaningful purpose except to back-fund increased spending and over-commitment by representatives and legislators. 

I will fight to improve accountability and efficiency within the Board of Equalization. I've Chaired Citizen's Oversight Committees for K–8 and 9–12 school districts in my Community for nearly a decade. I’ve fought (twice) in my own home county to preserve Prop 90 for Seniors. 

I deal with property taxes and their impact on families and individuals every day. Housing affordability affects everyone and a big part of that is property taxes. It is time to elect someone who understands the issues and will make every effort to reduce the burden we all face living in California. 

Your vote will allow me to fight for California Taxpayer’s rights throughout the state.